Crisis Management

In times of crisis, Great Communications works closely with a client’s management team to minimize reputation damage and protect the value its brand.  Response must be credible and swift with an eye toward dealing with potentially negative perceptions  in a timely and truthful manner.

Crisis can happen to anyone.  It can arise from a lawsuit, an arrest, a regulatory action, a malicious rumor or any other circumstance that raises public doubts.  Failure to act can be terminal, necessitating decisive action.  Misstatement or misrepresentation can do even greater harm.  Therefore, a comprehensive, realistic strategy must be established promptly to prevent or diminish long-term problems.

Our senior staff has gained extensive experience in counseling and serving clients in times of crisis.  We are available around the clock to address crises when they occur. We focus on separating fact from rumor. And we prepare management to speak with one united voice and achieve the best possible result.